Spezia Calcio-manage corners (in favour)

In the playoffs, the team Cesena-ligure once again demonstrates its dangers during situations of inactive ball scored both goals on a corner kick, choosing two preferential solutions adopted during the Championship.

[Esempio di parte un Team Studio] (Series B – Italy)

Solution 1
Short exchange between Acampora and Small, initially started from the pole in the first area, with better external progression path extension for finishing groundstrokes for the remaining five jumpers.


Solution 2
Small finishes with trajectory to go out in the first post for one of the five jumpers that comes off to attack that area of the field.


Solution 3
Two players on the batting point, one short and five jumpers in the penalty area. The first faux finishing and prepare short hitter while fellow Department serves the area limit a midfielder come from the median that coordinates and takes from the middle distance.