25 April 2016

Are my files really safe and secure?
Yes Your privacy is really important to us, and we understand how important it is to you. Our aim is to be as clear and open as possible about what we do and why we do it. LFScouting is committed to the online privacy of all its users. Please look at our Security Policy

Can I use my account on different devices?
Yes, also in the same instant.

Can I access some functions when my trial period ends?
NO, when the trial period ends, please contact the team LFScouting to re-access.

How LFScouting works?
LFScouting is a web application (cloud-based) database and which serves as an App to work off-line and share the work in the main database. The team LFScouting provides to all users who purchase a license and guide in the best way to use the product.

I need help, what shell I do?
Call us at +44 207 832 0159. If you have any questions, we’ll take care of you. You can always send email: info@lfscouting.co.uk you will be contacted immediately.

What happens if I want to cancel my service?
You can cancel the subscription service at the end of a contract period. Read the terms and conditions.

System Requirements
For the WebApp
– Computer with Internet connection
– Web browsers: Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera Browser

Tablet app for iOS:
– Apple iPad with iOS 7.0 and higher

For the Android Tablet app:
– Tablet with Android 4.4 and higher