Coach Editor

5 May 2016

The “Coach Editor” is a multilingual application designed to facilitate the work of coaches, technical staff and analysts.
It’s a web app accessible from any device from any place at any time.

The “Coach Editor” is meant to give support to all coaches to organise their work, to have a professional tool to express their skills without
losing intuition and fantasy that must be the foundation of every coach’s attitude.

Useful to create static or animated training materials, with the ability to create folders to sort the projects and do a quick search to recall the
completed projects.

Anywere, Any Way

Next-generation software that allows you to save all your data in a single database.
Created to organise, optimise and speed up your coaching and analysis.
This web app is for both professionals and enthusiasts.

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Forget pens and papers, you can easily jot down notes on every individual training material, as well as any changes or additions during your progress.
No more scans or sheets: reports ready in few minutes, faster, reliable and can be sent via PDF as attachment.
The application allows you to optimise the training sessions management and to develop your weekly schedules. The data can be consulted at any time by the coach and the staff members.

Forget piles of paper
No rush to find among a thousand notes the training session you need,
possibility to search by date, name or folder.
Build and consult your archive rapidly thanks to research by parameters.
Training materials and any other projects can be filtered by parameters.


Design and Mobility

The application is graphically attractive and its design allows to manage everything even through a simple tablet touch screen, in addition to ensuring easy access to the functions, allows people to be able to move anywhere, anytime.
In addition, the drag and drop advanced feature allows to place the players in the virtual field. An important feature for the coaches is animation, which allows the display of animated tutorials and explains how to create frames.

The match analysis is served
Ability to import images (captured by a mobile device) for LiveMatch analysis or upload a video on your hard-disk and capture a frame on which to highlight the details. Link with the web app LFS scout to import the matches and data in real time and to analyse everything through the editor.

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Exercises and workouts database creation Easy graphical creation of contributions Variables and arrangements management during the season Access to observed matches and import of the tactics Export of data in different formats Organisation of the the work.

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Match Analyst

Database creation for observed teams
Import of images or frames from video easier
Management and organisation of contents
Access to observed matches and import of the tactics
Export of data in different formats
Creation of attractive graphic reports for the staff

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Exercises database creation, workouts and tactical analysis
Easier creation and extrapolation of training sessions
Policy and permissions management
Staff management
Allocation of the subcategories to deal with
Preservation over time of all contributions
Training calendar management for the entire staff
Dedicated server optional

Success Factors
Updated data
High safety
Easy to use
Touch screen interface
Creation and storage of exercises
Workouts database
Easy export of image files
Animated exercise and video export
Creation and export to pdf or jpg
Daily / weekly / monthly calendar management
Stop-motion design and development
Easy export of the modified stop-motion
Real-time synchronisation
Reports by the staff in a short time