6 July 2016

Testimonials of Sports Directors, Scout, Coach, Agent and other experts on the use of LFS Scout and LFS Coach by LFScouting

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The Software LFScouting is a simple tool to retrieve real-time information useful to an insider, both on the game which stands watching from the stands at the stadium both in front of the video at your desk. A professional tool, useful for writing notes on individual players, to graphically draw the game modules and the flow of maneuvers with the possibility of changing the game in real time modules. I personally thank the creator of the project Enrico Maria Amore for having created the possibility to import my method of cataloging roles. Today scouting can not be done without good technology resources.

Marco Zunino    Teacher of scouting and football history   
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Thanks to this software I can organize my job and program the trainings, having an harvest like a real encyclopedia. My collaborators optimize the job in the analysis phase of the competitions.

Massimo Rastelli    Head Coach Cagliari   
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Since I use this tool, finally, I can save you time in reporting the observations of the match in the database, having the possibility to make reports directly to the field with "Live Match". Before long I can create reports of the players and send them directly by email.

Enrico Paresce    Scout AC Milan   
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I find this really interesting and useful software and practical enough to be used. For scouting work on the player I think is the most comprehensive and fast, now with the new coach of the editor tool you can analyze various tactical situations that are created during the game and prepare the analysis of the opponent .

Sebastiano Porcu    Zola assistant coach   
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Thanks to the use of the software and of the Coach Editor i'm able to optimize the work in the analysis of the matches. Before i spent even 2-3 hours, now to complete a tactic report only 40 minutes.

Vincenzo Russo    Match Analyst   
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Since we started using the software, we finally organized a veritable network of scouts, we can gather a multitude of information and we speed the athlete's research.

Renzo Castagnini    Sport Director Brescia   
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LFScouting is the ideal application for the activity of scouting, match analysts and insiders . It is very effective both for the general monitoring of players available both for the preparation of detailed reports for players / pre-established targets. The particular structure of the software, very intuitive, allows you to create a customized database in relation to your needs, easily consultabile. The possibility to send and share the work performed on the field immediately after it is drawn , is one of the main features of the project

Claudio Damiani    Match Analyst   
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I finally solved the real problem of pen and paper , immediately after the match I can synchronize the database and be ready to see a new match.

Roberto Marta    Chief Scout Atalanta   
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Uso il Software da oltre 3 anni: mi permette di presentare le Schede Tecniche dei Calciatori e delle Gare Visionate con professionalità e concretezza. Un programma semplice da usare che mi permette in poco tempo di inviare le relazioni e conservare un accurato e dettagliato datebase. Nel Calcio di oggi la Tecnologia è fondamentale ed Enrico Maria Amore ha creato il vero e unico programma per Osservatori e Allenatori per essere al passo con i tempi.

Andrea Cioni    Scout A.C. Fiorentina per il SudAmerica   
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With this tool, I solved the problem of players' research. With a few clicks you can filter the entries and find the players according to needs .

Antonio Imborgia    Sport Director   
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I started this business right away using this tool, I can recognize that it is very useful and practical. All the items I need exist in every detail. This way, I can get anytime, anywhere all data immediately.

Raffaele Rubino    Head Scout Palermo Calcio   
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