8 May 2016

Our Product is designed by professionals, after experiences in the field and by the difficulties encountered in exercising this profession. This is a new generation Software Club, directors, Scout, Coach, Agents, Academies that allows you to organize the scouting, match analysis, training. A real working tool that allows you to have and create a personal approach, failing to give the correct guidelines. This product is used by the Technical Sector of Coverciano for the training of professionals during courses at the Technical Centre.

This web app is for professionals and enthusiasts.
The application allows you to create a personal database for scouting, analyze the observed races, create cards for players, organize weekly work and have a real encyclopedia for coaches. The data can be consulted at any time by the user or more persons of the same workgroup.

Safety factor

Our data centers are optimized in every aspect in order to ensure maximum safety and efficiency. Physically located in Derby and Leeds, they are monitored by cameras 24 hours on 24 and 7 days out of 7. The hardware uptime and server network is guaranteed 99.99%. Your data is secure and password protected. Each user has its own totally private database.

Security and privacy

All information used are accessible through private accounts and also encrypted during transmission over the network, in order to make your light data secure and private. LFScouting uses your personal data only in secure mode.

Technical features 

The software allows access from multiple platforms (iOS, Mac OSX, Android, Windows, Linux), allows you to download and export data in different formats sent via PDF, the main feature is that it can also work in an off-line and possibility synchronize across platforms.