FC Bari-Defensive transition management

In the play-offs, as in the case of Puglia, Bari – Novara during the home games with Cagliari and with Drills and other earlier in the League, are once again their defensive management suboptimal exchange phase resulting in difficulty because of gravity too high and too many items brought into the offensive zone to support advanced maneuver.

[Esempio di parte di un Team Studio elaborato con il Coach Editor di Lfscouting] (Series B – Italy)


In situations of change phase the first attitude is aimed at a riaggressione by men closer to the ball while defenders were low to better prepare to cover the middle of the field trying to cancel the depth.


Fail a possible riaggressione, tend to pain relief but are attacked on the exteriors and possibly, in the case of rapid phase change, vertically, or in Central progression aimed at creating individual duels with individual defensive performers.