As Roma-Attack: Central game development

As Roma – attack: Central game development

[Esempio di parte di un Match Studio (Serie A – Italia)]

The offensive phase of Rome tends to prefer solutions operated trying to exploit the constant off-the-ball movements of midfielders and forwards to position themselves between the opposing lines or to act as a direct step solutions behind the markers.

On the occasion of the 0-2 network of Klose against Milan, developing offensive part from an initial consolidation of possession for the second third of the field with the attacking midfielder, abbassatosi in the median, in ball possession that swaps with fellow Department while the other midfielder started earning the last third of the field positioned behind the opponent's defensive line. Dalton, evaluating risky central development because opposing density, prefers to make lateral play on one of the attackers ' Beggars Banquet from reaching in width, Salah.

The sudden attack by the low side (Romagnoli) and midfielder (Bertolacci) opponent lead the Terminal offensive to lean towards further consolidation coming from halfback in support.

Meanwhile the playmaker took off the last opponents offering itself as a solution to step in order to gain time and space to free themselves and refine or enter into the middle distance.

A defensive line of Milan just synchronized and inclined to the optimal assessment of off-the-ball movements opponents you do find unprepared on choosing Pjanic to finish by passing through the cutting of Immobile behind Alex in front of De Sciglio. He has time to receive and beat the goalkeeper David without any pressure.

NB. De Sciglio, all too static in this situation, see cutting Klose but follows him and Alex fails to turn around to exit the depth or at least prevent the opponent with a desperate effort in aerial play.