AJAX, which the Academy!

From today LFSCOUTING proposes a section around Europe Youth sectors to help understand how to best grow the champions of tomorrow. Today we'll talk about AJAJAXAX: "YOU HAVE to HAVE EYES TRAINED to AJAX mentality to SEE a CHILD FROM AJAX". Ajax is a hothouse of talent, why each team has two coaches: the first trainer called "owner" and the second, which is the holder of another team. Each team also has a Team Manager that participates actively and consistently in the life of the team and its players, receives reports from coaches and performs for society. Nell'Ajax strict disciplinary rules exist:

  • punctuality;
  • the presence;
  • No earrings, bracelets and rings;
  • respect for the coach and the club's executives, but also for his teammates, opponents and the referee; the behavior must be corrected off the field (trips, tournaments, etc.); General rules of behaviour, because the players are considered ambassadors of Ajax.