Leicester City: managing Transitions Offensive

[esempio video di parte di un Team Studio (Premier League – UK)]

The Leicester trained by Ranieri turns out to be a particularly organised during non-possession, preparing herself with a low center of gravity, creating great density behind line ball but placing preemptively at least one of the terminals to be offensive in a diagonal position for piecing.


In this particular clip is summarized summarily offensive football philosophy transitions management of R that interdendo the Central with two very low and little lines played far apart, creates the conditions for an optimal recovery of the ball and then finish upright on Vardy preemptively placed to suggest a solution of piecing in depth.

If the bet is closed, vertical preferential tend to hang up in external leveraging rapid progression Mahrez/Albrighton allowing the rest of the team to raise the center of gravity and support offensive maneuver.

(Vincenzo Russo – Match Analyst Lfscouting)

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