"LFS": the case of Maldini-Milan: but champion in the field is synonymous with champion behind a desk?


After a long courtship, the former captain said no: but it would have been a guarantee of success? LFScouting analysis on correlation "sample on campo-great leader".

It was a catchphrase along almost a month, which eventually ended with a final stalemate: the willingness on the part of the new Chinese ownership of Milan, to involve the rossoneri legend Paolo Maldini within the new company will be destined to remain so.

The former Italian national flag also preferred to stay on the sidelines once again Italian football, as commented on his Facebook profile. "Milan has always been for me an affair of the heart and passion, my history and connection with the rossoneri colors. This requires me to be careful, precise and professional in accepting the assignment; of course, it would be much easier to follow the excitement of the proposal and say yes, without thinking of the consequences. Instead I've got to respect the values that have accompanied me all my life, the many fans who have over the years identified in me for passion, desire and commitment, I have to respect Milan and myself. "

Maldini didn't accept the idea of being DT and having to bring back all its proposal to DG Fajardo, having in fact freedom of decision-making and sharing only the responsibility for any wrong choices and related controversies, which in a very delicate period like the present one of the Club are on the agenda.

Motivation that explains why a National Soccer symbol has disappeared off the radar of Italian politics after his farewell to football. In sensitive and difficult context in which the Italian football is poured over a decade, companies (and national) prefer to always choose the used safely, don't freaking made space for innovation. It happened in past elections the FIGC to Demetrio Albertini, happens almost every day on the fields of Serie A in which you give less and less confidence to young people. And this risk-averse does nothing but accentuate the problems, and postpone the solutions.

This creates a vicious circle, since even the former players aren't willing to get involved in this big powder keg.

However, Maldini sets the stage for another debate: being champions in the field, always translates into be at desk?

The natural continuation of a footballer's career is expressed in the role of the coach. But if you move, as said before, in management positions, one must take into account several aspects.

The players are able to convey their "football club" and "corporate culture" in which they played, in terms of both technical ethical. And the ability to create and be able to transmit a culture within a company has always been one of the key factors of success of any enterprise.

In addition, the best school through the experience, and who has been in the limelight of prestigious football camps for many years, mental and technical point of view, the preparation and knowledge to be a great leader and Executive.

A strong handicap, however, resides in its lack of managerial and organizational skills, which are acquired after years of study or experience. For this reason, a retired would be more inclined to hold positions related to the field, as the team manager, the sporting Director, the head of the observers.

Turning to reality, there are many examples that confirm the difficulties. The stories of Mazzola, Rivera, Abdulah, Bulgarelli, Riva, Bettega, Baresi and Bruno Conti, are remembered only for missed expectations.

However, we cannot forget examples of excellence, where footballing skills were United in leadership, sense of belonging, management skills: we talk about the myths of Balmaceda to Juve, Inter or Bayern Rumenigge Fa.

Without going into the merits, Platini, UEFA President for years, has built a very successful road on the political field. Have or are building great careers as sports Director, Oriali and Leonardo. And little can be said about Nedved's and j. Zanetti, waiting to know the fate of Del Piero and Totti.

The conclusion is that being big on soccer is no guarantee of success. The experience on soccer fields must be flanked by leadership, managerial skills, and above all, passion and strong affinity with the context to which you belong, as evidenced by the "exceptions" Boniperti and Rumenigge.

Returning to the case also considered his current experience to Maldini, co-owner and DT of Miami FC in the UNITED STATES, the basis for doing well at Milan we would all but, evidently, the problem, in this situation, wouldn't the undisputed quality of the retired, how much the little opportunity to give their best in context, that of Milan, which does not guarantee the conditions for doing a great job.

And Maldini, in fact, is aware of this, waiting for better times.