LFS is now on Eppela crowdfunding platform

LFS is now on Eppela crowdfunding platform, everyone is invited to make it more popular.

You can help LFScouting to grow, enabling more and more young people to be found and to nurture their talent. Doing it is simple and even small contributions will be rewarded.
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The funds will be invested in marketing, including workshops abroad in order to enter new markets – such as China and America – and in football academies that do not have plans to improve the search for talents. Furthermore, IT investments will be made in order to implement the online course platform on the website, improving it with upgrades required by the market and updates to Coach Editor.

vieiraWe want to give the possibility to access the WebApp to as many people as possible, especially to those who cannot afford a qualified instrument, usually very expensive and implemented just by top clubs.

The donor will have a number of benefits such as full license of the software over the participation in the seminars and workshops where there will be speakers and industry professionals. Moreover, you will have the possibility to link your logo to our network, therefore having access to our network of experts who will help you understand the secrets of scouting and match analysis by learning a professional working method.

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