The XXX edition of the International Tournament presents many innovations

Also an exhibition to celebrate the 100 years of the national

The XXX edition of the "International youth football Tournament in Cava de ' Tirreni", scheduled from 9 to 15 June 2019, starts in the last days useful for the preparation of the initial race and the opening event. A demonstration that will involve 9 categories-from ' Little friends ' to ' pupils '-for a total of 104 teams participating (to date) and 12 trophies up for grabs.

A prestigious sporting event, as confirmed by the signatures of Lazio and Salerno in 2018, triumphant respectively in the categories students and young, or Mercado del Pescara, awarded as "Young Promise". A notable appeal sealed also by the itinerant exhibition "A Century of azure"-always in the frame of Cava, June 6-, to celebrate one hundred years of history and memorabilia of the Italian national football team.

In This XXX edition will be present prestigious companies such as Spal, Rapp. Serie C, Bologna, Cavese, Juve Stabia, RAPPR. Amateur, Salernitana as well as an international team like Nova Gorica, all this thanks to the great passion of the president of the tournament Giovanni need, which shows a great attachment to the city Metelliana.


Giovanni need-president of the tournament

Giovanni need-president of the tournament


Difficult to predict what will be the winning clubs in this round, simpler to predict, instead, several budding talents that will capture the attention of the public and especially the insiders. In this direction fits the collaboration with LFScouting, technological partner of the tournament, which will provide the platform to perform reports of footballers. These will be published directly on the site of the football event. A software of last generation, a single and large database that will allow any operator to enclose together all the data related to the Scouting activity.

When the curtain falls on the ninety minutes of regulation, when the desire to revenge for a technical gesture wrong must anchor to the triple whistle, closed in the grip of regrets, when the football show has passed, is history, begins the phase of Dissecting, autopsy, careful analysis of recent happenings. That's where the analytical eye of the talent scout, the observer and, in this case, the LFS technical support comes into play. It is in this situation that emerge, in a clear way, the ability to identify promising young people and analyze players with skills suitable to meet the needs of scheme and game of a team.

Not to underestimate the discipline of the individual, which has its inevitable and, perhaps unsuspected, relevance in the future in professionalism (Balotelli docet). Because football is a microcosm of life made of sacrifices, application in the work, respect of the rules, successes and even disappointments. But above all it is a healthy way of understanding everyday life, regardless of the results that everyone can get. Principles and sacrosanct values of which the "International Tournament of Cava de ' Tirreni" has always been a spokesman, and will also be the guarantor on June 9, when they finally open the doors of the thirtieth staged. You just have to wait. With the novelty 2019 subsidiary lfscouting.