Scouting course: a must-have offer

The course became BEST SELLER in a few weeks

"At Christmas we are all better, " who knows how many times you've heard it. This year, Love Football Scouting is joining the Festive Choir, offering a course open to all, with the LFS-CHRISTMAS offering. Ready and go, we reveal the details of the offer indispensable: 23% discount on the cost (total) usually agreed: no more 114.99 euros but 89.00 euros.

Curious to find out what you will learn with the "secrets and scouting strategies" course?

Here's to you:

  • Working method and LFScouting platform recognized by Coverciano's Technical Sector;
  • Diktat to properly draw up a report on the players, discerning the performance from the assessment;
  • Observe a footballer in 360 degrees, carping his various facets;
  • Useful tools to complete and refine team reports.


Student reviews

Student reviews

The course calculation will be provided with the LFS software, a device used by many professionals. Lecturer of the course is Enrico Maria Amore, international sports director and scout, who has designed the tool for observers, based on personal experiences and difficulties encountered on the field. In the various chapters there will be all the experiences gained and to make the course more elaborate, there will be, moreover, several video lessons – from the best fans in the industry – and working methods of clubs of the likes of Udinese, Barcelona, Atalanta, Arsenal, Galatasaray.

The course is divided into several themes, at the end of the same, all the students will learn to train their eye to detect the skills of a footballer; not only that, they will be able to undertake this path on their own or for third parties (team, sports agency, free-lance observer team).


  • Everyone has the opportunity to participate in this course (until 13 January, you will also be able to join the "LFS-CHRISTMAS" promotion;
  • Who is strongly passionate about the sport;
  • Who believes they have sensitive observation skills;
  • Who, despite having skills, does not know how to approach this world.

Who is it addressed to?

  • Enthusiasts who want to start a journey as a football observer;
  • FIFA Agents Company – FIGC, interested in deepening or strengthening its scouting strategy;
  • Football observers, managers, coaches who want to specialize and optimize the work;
  • Technical collaborators and sports prosecutors who, despite having skills, do not have a method.

"Well-structured platform" (we don't say it, but the many reviews we had in dowry) and, above all, simple to use. In the footsteps of Max Allegri's thinking, one who knows something about victories, for which football is very simple. The vision that "simple things are the best" is perfectly reflected in everyday life, as well as in the football hemisphere.  Simplicity is the hardest finished product to obtain; represents – at the same time – the ultimate boundary of experience and the last drop of the genius's sweat.