Toma Basic: The hidden gem of Bordeaux

The class ' 96 is proving to be an undisputed talent in Ligue 1

One of the jewels of the new generation of Croatian school. A nation that, for a few years in this part, produces talents in profusion, especially in the midfield. It is also the case of Toma Basic, the 22-year-old midfielder of Bordeaux who, after a necessary period of integration, in the second part of the season has conquered the place of Holder in the Girondins. 28 appearances honored by 3 goals and 2 assists in his first season in Ligue 1. The role is primarily director and Trequartista, but Basic, throughout his career, has shown great ductility. In the previous two seasons, with the Hajduk split, 75 were the presences with 11 goals and 14 assists. They were also these numbers, in addition to his indisputable qualities, to convince Bordeaux to invest 3.5 million euros. Basic is also a national under-21 Croatian (7 attendance and a goal) and will participate in the upcoming European Championships as a holder. It is certainly one of the best prospects, among the least chatted, of European football.

Basic Toma


  • Basic, despite the long levers and the high centre of gravity, is endowed with very important technical qualities. It keeps the balloon attached to the foot when it leads and shows off through dribbling and precise launches. He manages to tame complicated passages. It is, therefore, technically very complete.
  • You need a focus on the dribbling of Basic, surprising considering the physical of the Croatian. He moves the ball very quickly and masters it well using the outside and the sole. In this way, it frequently succeeds in making it disappear to the opponent.
  • The shot from the distance is probably its highest quality: both the shot to turn of the neck inside, and that of pure full-neck power, are part of his technical baggage.
  • It beats the punishments with the inner neck of the foot, making them turn above the barrier with great power and precision.
  • It is a skillful packager of assists: either through millimetric casts or through precise passages. He always exhibits a good game view and has the quality to put the ball where he wants.
  • He seems conscious of his qualities and courageous in performing them. It performs complicated dribbling, throws when pressed and throws from difficult positions. It doesn't seem to have personality-level flaws, actually.
  • 1.89, high center of gravity and a lot of force. It hardly loses a contrast, thanks to its peculiar physical power and to the speed of legs.


  • His biggest problem is slowness. It is not agile or quick and is easily put into difficulty, in the defensive phase, by small opponents who exploit the plays in the strait.
  • It is often too passive in the defensive phase, sometimes always forgetting to perform the necessary play at the right time. It must necessarily improve in this respect: it is a defect that especially when playing as a median in front of the defense can cause damage.
  • Like many young people, you take several breaks within the race. For large sections of some game, it does not get in a position to receive balloons and does not give a particular contribution in defense.

Basic TOMA Ratings