Players: New Scouting column

Analyze the less famous players without expiring in the trivialities

The new series of articles of LFScouting performs analyses and quick reports on little players discussed. The players under consideration may be "known", but in general have not yet been analyzed by the major media in the industry. The idea is to provide an sketch that can allow to understand its characteristics. For this the articles are thus divided:

  • An initial introduction useful to explain where these players played and to outline some statistics;
  • An analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the players, which goes to tell about physical, athletic, coordinative, technical and tactical characteristics. The objective is to try to allow the reader to understand the profile of the player, making the article as usable as possible and guaranteeing the immediacy of the report;
  • The report card. They go more in detail on some specific features of the players. Obviously, despite the attempt to make the article as objective as possible, may not be very precise in the account of some more "hidden" features of the player, generally more difficult to exhibit.

The brief reports are carried out by a young observer, Alfredo Montalto, who currently works for some amateur companies in Piedmont. He recently started a project his own through a site,, which develops detailed reports of footballers. Graduated in the masterful communication, ICT and Media, he knows 5 languages and has worked for various sports magazines.