A LFScouting Testimonial: Adrian Mutu

LFScouting-Adrian Mutu Delamore Sports partnership

The two companies are still together, by renewing an agreement made last year, that has produced great results. Sharing the passion for soccer, and the ambition to grow up globally, new projects are on the way, with the guarantee and the endorsement of two great champions who are first-hand believing in the project: Adrian Mutu and Rivaldo.

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Adrian Mutu. Dinamo Bucharest

LFScouting announces a strategic partnership in the form of Joint Venture with “Delamore Sports Management Co., LTD”, led by former professional footballer Adrian Mutu.

DELAMORE is a multinational company in the Food and Beverage industry, specialized in “Energy and Sports Drinks”, with famous brands, strong especially in Asia, as “Soccerade” and “Runade”.

Since its business is strongly related to football, the multinational company has created its own spin-off, Delamore Sport Management, in order to exploit synergies in terms of targets, and get into the business of football globally and through the front door. The mission of Delamore Sports is to rely upon its great expertise (the BoD includes excellent managerial football personalities) aiming at providing advisory to top clubs and players worldwide, through management consulting, brokerage services in acquiring players, image and marketing rights, and creation of medical rehabilitation Centres.

The partnership between Delamore and LFScouting has a long history characterised by shared growth, since one year ago a first agreement between the Brand Soccerade and LFScouting had been reached. That agreement helped LFScouting to emerge in the global landscape of Scouting, relying on the strong financial and Brand support guaranteed by Soccerade and the former Brazilian footballer Rivaldo, formerly ambassador to Soccerade and therefore also testimonial of the partnership, as well as member of the Board of Directors of LFScouting. On the other hand LFScouting has been offering significant support to Soccerade in order to penetrate the Italian market.

This agreement is not a starting point, but even a strengthening of a partnership and friendship made by shared values, as the same spirit of innovation, ambition and passion.

Adrian Mutu, President of Delamore Sport is the main promoter and supporter of the Partnership, since beinge fascinated, as his colleague Rivaldo (also member of the Board of Directors of Delamore Sports) from the Love Football Scouting project. His plan envisages the Organization of a goodbye match to soccer in Italy, in order to greet the audience with whom he shared most of his successes, with LFScouting and Delamore in a leading role.

The partnership, as explained in the press release, will create synergies through the following details:

-Delamore Sports will provide all the support necessary to achieve the mission of LFSCOUTING to be a world reference in the field.

-LFSCOUTING will be a technological partner of Delamore Sports, which wants to establish itself in the field of managing the image rights of clubs and players, offering strategic and financial advisory and creating sports-medical rehabilitation centers.

-The project involves the organisation of 3 annual events (one in Italy, one in Asia and one In the U.s.a) relating to the Organization of a workshop on the future of soccer and Scouting, a Freestyle football tournament and the ceremony of Awards at a Festival of football.

-Enrico Maria Amore, founder of LFSCOUTING, will be part of the Executive of Delamore Sports Management Co Ltd.

So this is only a formal announcement of a synergistic, exponential and collaborative growth path started together by LFScouting and Delamore, that is already bringing successes. But those, of course, are never enough.