Scouting never sleeps: Danilo Stavola for LFScouting

Join our team an experienced Scouts that proposes a new section

Danilo Stavola

Danilo Stavola

LFScouting never stops, always trying to better themselves in this world with the knowledge that there is the essential need to grow. For this reason, after careful analysis, we have chosen to join our team an expert in scouting, young, ambitious and with the same desire and the same love for football that distinguishes all our staff. We’re talking about Danilo Stavola, young Watcher but with a great future in front of him.

Nowadays, many trying to enter the world of football but they do it with the wrong motives, not thinking about the sacrifice that’s behind, thinking only to gain. But this bad quality is not part of Danilo, man grew up in bread and football.

Like all children, dreams of one day becoming a footballer, with all dreams. Definitely is a very smart guy and despite the commitments with the balloon manages to achieve both the diploma degree in jurisprudence. But love for football drives him to do more. Through his studies initially his dream was to become a Prosecutor, in fact begins an interesting trail under the guidance of Andrea Catto, Prosecutor among other players who have worn the Jersey of the national team as Okaka, but Danilo feels that that’s not his world. He decides to try his luck and aware of his talent choose to take the license to become observer recognized by FIGC.


109 out of 110, almost over the top, something that few in Italy can get. Right to course knows our software and it is love at first sight. However, experience does not end here, because Danilo has many dreams and like any self-respecting man wants to pursue them and in fact, he started working with a club across the channel, the Swansea City at the time led by Monk. This experience marks in the depths, going to learn about how it works in England and, therefore, falling in love with her Majesty’s football. Experience unfortunately ends with the departure of Monk but it doesn’t end there: it still works for the Aversa Normanna, team Bell that along with mister Castro (other man football expert) took on the green line that is counting on youth, almost all players born after the 1990, achieving fantastic results. As mentioned earlier, Danilo is a very “British” so his dream is to return to breathe the air of the Premier League but that does not prevent it from continuing to sweat and work at their best and we LFScouting we are happy to welcome him among us.

But what will he do for you?

Each week there will be a new section entitled “Young Talent”, where Danilo will introduce you to young talents, especially the most hidden ones, ones that no one knows but that in a few years you will go to the stadium to see them. A warm welcome to a special guy, a guy full of dreams, a lover of football. Welcome Danilo Stavola.