Blessed youth: the new LFScouting book dedicated to youth football

Appointment every Wednesday for getting along in the world of Italian youth football

entella-Rome-springIn football, the word “teen” did always rhyme with “scouting“. What is not scouting if not also, and especially, the research, discovery and monitoring of young players with potential, the talent, the quality, in short with all the proper paperwork in order to scale the Olympian gods of football? Scouting activities can and must lead to this goal. And Love Football Scouting is certainly appropriate and useful software to achieve this. In fact, the technical sector of the ITALIAN FOOTBALL FEDERATION chose to use, within the courses for “Football Observers”, just LFScouting as a business tool at the service of those who wish to take up this trade.

Needless to say that in Italy, home of the Viareggio tournament and some of the major teams in Europe, the youth sectors covered (or should cover) a vital role for all those guys who have not yet reached the age of 20 years, from the very young to the students until the spring, and chasing the ball together with their dream of joining the great football for all purposes. While in the stands who closely observes them from bravo “scout”.

Precisely for the reasons listed above, LFScouting decided to give life to this section on youth football, to go to find who are the most interesting, most promising players and most talented young Italian football scene, capable of churning out world champions and gold Balloons. Every week we will discover something in more than one of these possible champions of tomorrow, we will present their personal experiences which deserve to be highlighted, through their words or anyone who knows them well, to highlight their features, their stories, their thinking, and why not, to learn more about their past, their present and their future. Also, by sending an email to the address, you can notify us of a guy or a story deserving of special attention.

All that remains is to give you an appointment for next Wednesday to start our journey that will take us to walk around the boot, from North to South Italy …