Player Analysis: Duelund Mikkel


We continue our column on Player Analysis, this time we talk about Duelund Mikkel. Tall slim build, about 1.80, physically footballer but probably still in full growth and far from fully ripe.

Tactically very ductile, framed in a midfield either as a wing-half and as central playmaker to act as personal groomer but able to fit well in the offensive in the role from external high without preference for any of the two lanes. Dynamic player, able to move between the opposing lines and offer itself in the space behind the defensive line with the right timing or stay in support as a workaround for the terminals to be offensive. With rapid movements and great tactical intelligence to choose always the best solution, these characteristics make it an unpredictable player being rifinitoria and equally lethal phase finalizzatoria.

Technically we're talking about a player with ample room for improvement. Equipped with a good technique breech takes indistinctly two feet on the swing phase is that, sometimes, in situations of idle ball. Flaw in elevation but very precise in finalization after insertion without the ball behind the opponents with a good shot making it a decent scorer from the distance.