Matthijs De Ligt-The defender of the future

Who is Matthijs De Ligt The defender who is enchanting all the big?

Matthijs De ligt Base data card (Lfscouting Software)

Matthijs De ligt Base data card (Lfscouting Software)


During Our observations, time ago, we had already seen the young Dutchman Matthijs De Light in the race of Eredivisie between Ajax and Feyenoord of 21-01-2018, storing it in our database. At a distance of time, without having to search the paper, we have displayed his name.

Archiving evaluation of Matthijs De Ligt (Software Lfscouting)

At the time the class ' 99 is rated as a "to be taken" and a player of safe perspective for a top club. With a couple of clicks a report was created and submitted to the insiders. Matthijs De Light is technically capable of using both feet. He has a good view of the game, with great ability to build the maneuver. Tactically it has a good disposition to play in different defensive roles even if it prefers the position of right Center Defender with a defense to four.

Report by Matthijs De Ligt (Software Lfscouting)

To Give a technical evaluation to a player of the market value of 16 million €, it is not always a simple decision to take, after the recent performances and the stable presence in the 11 holder of the Ajax, its valuation has risen to 70 million €.

As always, the timing is the master!