Euro 2016-Belgium: side kick in favour

Euro 2016 – Belgium

Side-kick for

The Belgium coach Wilmots is one of the European teams with the highest number of solutions from inactive ball fruit of high technical and tactical intelligence of individual performers as well as the physical characteristics that make them particularly lethal and effective Belgian players in the air.

Managing inactive balls (in favor) – ultra-damaging side-kick

In side-kick situation close to the last third of the Belgian national team field predisposes De Bruyne on batting point, for finishing with trajectory to return, and seven players behind the opposing area: two remain at the limit for possible second ball (Mertens and Hazard), one comes off on the median (Nesta) as the first solution interditoria in the case of opposing and re-start the remaining five (Witsel , Lukaku, Meunier, Alderweireld and Vertonghen) predispose themselves to attack clearly defined areas of the opposing area.


In the specific case of the race with Hungary, you can see Witsel move jumpers to block departing from the area of the first pole, Meunier to the central area and Lukaku-Vertonghen-Alderweireld fit into the opposite zone with the latter succeeds in winning deviation on finishing of De Bruyne.