Football Observer: On 2 April we start again

On March 28th Select the entrance test. The program will last 72 hours

The course for the football observer will start on April 2 at the Technical center of Coverciano, is dedicated exclusively to the training of observation, analysis and scouting of teams and footballers. On this occasion, the announcement is open to anyone who wants to participate without a bond of license coach as success in previous courses. It is not the only novelty, the students who will be admitted after passing test of entry to be held on March 28, always at the technical center of Coverciano, will receive the free software license made available by the technical sector with the collaboration of Lfscouting.

The football observer is a person who seeks, new talents or players that might be important to his company. He is the one who observes, in particular, the young footballers and signals to the society or to the agents those who believe to have, more than others, prospects for growth and a future in professionalism. The observer of the opposing teams, on the other hand, can be defined as a scholar of the tactics of the opposing teams and, therefore, as a precious prompter for the coach of the team for which it lends its own activity of observer.


Football Observer

Football Observer


The objectives of the course

The course from a football observer, only really recognized, which will enable the activity of observer, will have a duration of 72 hours, will be different themes treated, and is aimed at acquiring the student this professionalism composed of different Characteristics: technical, observation, public relations and legal, with regard to the complex legislation in force at national and international level.  With the use of the software, you can use the methodology set up by the technical sector to make this activity more and more professional. Those wishing to apply, which expires on 26 March, will be able to download the regulation in the annex to the notice.