Online Course-method of working on Scouting

16 December 2017

Online course on Scouting-Match Analysis

Do you want to learn a useful and effective working method?

Come and discover online how you will be able to have a working method in a very short time

The online course on Scouting is an opportunity to learn a working method in depth, using LFScouting software, a tool that they use to the technical sector of Coverciano, during training for professional observers and directors Sports.


LFScouting a Coverciano-course for football observer

Football Observer Course-Coverciano

Practice Scouting Test with LFS

Practice Scouting Test with LFS








In These courses, you will have the possibility of a direct comparison with our professionals starting from the basics, inserting and analyzing also regulations of the FIGC. We will provide guidance on the appropriate technological supports to be used, providing the best tools to make them independent and operate in a professional way, will try to give practical guidance on how to articulate their work. 

We want to make everything practical, demonstrating that with the right tools, you can get great results by saving time and money. Several professional clubs, using the LFScouting platform, learning this method, will open up several job opportunities, approaching a working method that most professionals use. During the course, we're going to figure out what scouting and Match Analysis is for, how it's developed and what the best solutions are for achieving the optimum results.

The online course is addressed to:

-Company of Agents FIFA-FIGC interested in deepening or strengthening its strategy of Scouting;

-Prosecutors who would like to enrich their baggage on scouting;

-Football clubs interested in creating a working method for a Team of people;

-Sports executives interested in optimizing their work;

-Enthusiasts who want to start a course as a football observer;

-football observers who want to specialize and deepen a working method;

-Coaches interested in improving the team's and individual players ' analysis;

Technical collaborators on how to be inside a staff but especially how to relate with the coach 


The subscription to the online course is always active. Dates and times of the lessons will be chosen in common agreement according to the working needs and the commitments of the individual students.
To subscribe to the online course just send an email to:

For those who participate there will be a special discount on the purchase of the license.

The courses will be via telematic classroom, just activate a Skype account and schedule your lesson. Search in Skype contacts: Support. LFScouting


Offer month January


Dettagli Corso Online
QuantitàNome Titolo:Prezzo:Descrizione:
Corso Online Scouting50.00 EURCorso sullo scouting e dimostrazione del Software LFScouting
Corso Online Scouting + Licenza Software170.00 EURCorso sullo scouting e formazione sull'utilizzo del Software LFScouting
Corso Online Match Analysis50.00 EURCorso sulla Match Analysis e dimostrazione del Coach Editor LFScouting
Corso Online Match Analysis + Licenza170.00 EURCorso sulla Match Analysis e formazione dell'utilizzo del Coach Editor LFScouting
Metodo Scouting Udinese30.00 EURVideo lezione di Riccardo Guffanti Scout Internazionale Udinese
Metodo Scouting Arsenal30.00 EURVideo lezione di Danny Karbassiyoon Resp. Scouting Sud-Nord America Arsenal
Metodo Scouting Atalanta30.00 EURVideo lezione di Maurizio Costanzi Resp. Scouting Atalanta
Metodo Scouting Barcellona30.00 EURVideo lezione di Raul Pelaez Head of Sports Technology FC Barcelona
Metodo Match Analysis Galatasaray30.00 EURVideo lezione di Marco Fumagalli, Match Analyst Galatasaray, Inter, Valencia
Completa il pagamento ti verrà inviata un email di conferma.


If you want to proceed by bank transfer:


Payment data

Bank Transfer: Price

Causal: Online Course

 payable to:

LFScouting LTD

Sort Code 20-41-41

C/C 55479366

Barclays Bank-Fleet Street-London

Iban: GB84BARC20414155479366




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